Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Metropolitan Opera HD Broadcasts, brought to you by Showcase Cinemas in Manchester, CT

As the resident Marketing Intern, part of my responsibility includes handing out programs at the Metropolitan Opera HD Broadcasts in Manchester, CT. I love doing this because I get to watch the broadcasts when it's all said and done and it almost feels like a family over there at the Buckland Hill Showcase Cinemas.

It has become routine that I arrive at 11:30 am to set up shop for the performance that begins at 1:00 and upon arrival there are already atleast ten people there waiting infront of the theater and Eldon has had to assure them that I will be arriving shortly. It's funny because people want to be in that theater so badly even just for the sound checks which is actually refreshing in a way until you realize that these people, who are so stir crazy about getting to the opera at the movie theaters 2 hours in advance, are all over 60. Most of them have bought their tickets a year in advance, so I see the same people in there every time and can spot them a mile away. It's cute.

Over Christmas break I went home to Texas and decided to go to a Met broadcast there, Thaïs with Renee Fleming. Because I was so accustomed to everyone in Manchester arriving 2 hours ahead of time, I thought I should do the same at home because there was no telling how many people would be there. I got there and only two other people were in the entire theater, which makes me wonder.. why is opera in Manchester,CT such a big hit when no one could care less at the AMC Willowbrook in Houston,TX?

This past Saturday was the broadcast of Orfeo ed Euridice by Gluck, which ended up being not as classical as one would think. The singers were amazing, especially Stephanie Blythe and Danielle de Niese (who made her Met opera debut at the age of 19...geeze). The dancing,though, was by far the mose non-traditional aspect of the performance. The choreography was by Mark Morris and the costumes by Isaac Mizrahi, whom you may know from Target. The dancers were in basic street wear with glitter strewn about them and though the articles of clothing stayed the same, the color changed from scene to scene. Heidi Grant Murphy, playing the character of Amor, wore a pink spandex and collared shirt number with sequins attached to it. All in all, it was kind of a surreal experience.

Most importantly... sitting in the theater I saw a preview for The Audition, which is a documentary about the finalists of the Met's National Council Auditions, and I can't even tell you how excited I am for that.

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